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Why Donate ?


What does your Donation allow the Foundation to do?

The Foundation's Goal is to leverage the highest percentage of available income, “your donations,” to provide logistical and special assistance to young women in need. As well as the foundation will promote advocacy, public awareness and education about Lung Cancer.  

The Lung Cancer Foundation For Young Women is a new organization just getting started. 

The Foundation received its Certificate of Formation from the State of Texas in December, 2012 as a Public Nonprofit Corporation. Subsequent fillings with the IRS resulted with the Foundation receiving tax exempt status as a 501c3 qualifying all Donations as IRS Tax Deductible under sections 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the IRS code 170. Tax exempt status was received from the State of Texas as of 12/2012

All donations accepted by the foundation are used to promote its stated “Mission”
***** It is the responsibility of each donor to understand and adhere to state and IRS rules *****
Each donation will be issued a receipt from the foundation for tax purposes.
How does the foundation accomplish its mission effectively? 

Advocacy & Public Awareness;
By partnering with other groups, organizations, and school functions (high school and college) to promote lung cancer awareness through organized activities, literature and speakers.
     Activities to include organized women’s athletic activities such as dance organizations and sporting events centered on women. Our goal is to provide foundation literature as well as literature already available from other prominent lung cancer organizations to foster Lung Cancer Education and Awareness. 
     Speakers to include Oncology professionals, to speak during community gatherings about lung cancer, the suspected causes and early symptoms and positive improvements in early detection and treatment .  
Logistical and Special Needs Assistance;
After receiving a completed Application for Assistance, each application will be reviewed by the foundation grant committee for qualification and needs assessment.       
             Each grant may include some or all of the items below; 

  •      Special needs assistance by providing access to cosmetic wigs, hair pieces and head coverings after hair loss
  •      Lodging Assistance in the form of pre-paid lodging vouchers near the primary care cancer treatment facility
  •      Parking Assistance in the form of pre-paid parking vouchers at the primary care cancer treatment facility 
  •      Meal Assistance in the form of pre-paid meal vouchers at the primary care cancer treatment facility
  •      Travel Assistance in the form of prepaid travel assistance for taxi or bus service to and from the primary              care facility
  •      Special need assistance by providing canes, walkers and wheelchairs to women that do not have other options

The Foundation though internal committees, will continually assess the effectiveness of its public awareness and grant programs for their effectiveness of meeting the foundation's mission and goals. The scope of each program may be adjusted from time to time to maximize the overall benefits to young women and their families.  



You can also Mail to:
   P.O. Box 1679
   Cypress Texas 77410