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Lung Cancer Patients Needs



                                                            The Patient, What does she need?  

If you are a young woman diagnosed with lung cancer and looking for answers there are multiple web sites and foundations, in addition to this one, established to help you. Do not give up, new treatment options and research continues all of the time. You did not do anything wrong; you are very special to your family and friends and you deserve the best treatment plan available. 

It is your responsibility to always ask questions, keep up with new treatment options, ask questions, eat healthy, be completely honest with your primary care doctor, ask questions, stay away from anyone that even seems to have a cold but, also enjoy life's many joys whenever they present themselves while you are being treated and throughout the rest of your life.
Your fight will be difficult and at times you may not feel like doing things as you do need your rest. THAT'S OK  

When you do feel good enough, don't miss any opportunity to spend time with the ones you love, your friends, your pets, everyone that you care about and that cares about you. This is a life changing event and the things that used to seem like priorities in the past, may not now. THAT'S OK  

Disregard the negative statistical information you will run across when searching the WEB. Most of the statistical information lags behind by years, is not specific enough to young women and is only a number. This battle is about you and your fight to remission.   Focus on the positives, everything from new treatment plans, cancer fighting foods, new clothing options, how to keep your physical and mental state going in a positive direction. You are beautiful; your family and friends that love you dearly and want you to beat this too.

Be Prepared
Throughout your fight, you will be bombarded with information, terms, and questions that will have to be answered.
  • Ask Questions

From a young age we are all accustom to visiting a doctor, having the doctor tell us the type of cold we have or we have pulled a muscle followed by the doctor prescribing a course of action to make us better. As a rule of thumb, we follow the directions and within a few weeks are much better.

Lung Cancer is a fight for the rest of your life. Even after going into remission.
If you are better informed about the treatment options, pros and cons of each and how they make you feel,  you will be better prepared to ask the right questions and take an active partnership roll with your oncology team and your personal treatment plan.

If you have recently been diagnosed, you will be going through series of tests so that the oncology professionals can determine your treatment plan.
This process may seem like standing in the middle of a proverbial hurricane, poked, prodded, scanned and then waiting for the results, then waiting for the next appointment, then waiting for treatment, then more tests........ at a time when you may be having a tough time focusing and may be very tired, however this process is necessary so your oncology team can plan the best treatment for you.
                                                                         Fishing for Answers? 
One thing that will help, before every visit with your doctors, write down any questions you have before the appointment;

  • What should I be doing between treatments?
  • Can I go out with friends?
  • Can I have a glass of wine?
Then during the appointment, take notes.

Now that your life is upside down and you are struggling with a lot of unknowns, keep in mind that a lot of people you know, love you, want so dearly to help! JUST LET THEM