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Services Provided by the Foundation


Provide direct logistical assistance to the caregivers and young women who are actively receiving medical treatment for lung cancer throughout their fight for life. 

Logistical and Special Needs assistance - Submit an application to the foundation on the "Assistance Application" tab.  Once the application is received it will be reviewed by the foundation's grant committee.
       The Foundation does not distribute cash.     
 The foundation will provide funds through pre-paid vouchers, and pre-paid scheduled services by appointment, for young women actively receiving treatment for lung cancer.

    Each grant may include some or all of the items below

    Parking in the form of pre-paid parking vouchers at the primary care cancer center 

    Meals in the form of pre-paid meal vouchers at the primary care cancer treatment facility  

    Lodging in the form of pre-paid lodging vouchers near the primary care cancer treatment facility 

    Transportation in the form of prepaid travel assistance for taxi or bus service to and from treatment centers

    Cosmetic by providing access to wigs, hair pieces and head coverings after hair loss
    Special Needs by providing canes, walkers and wheelchairs to women that do not have other options

    Housekeeping in the form of pre-paid maid services for patient's primary dwelling   
The Foundation though internal committees, will continually assess the effectiveness of its public awareness and grant programs for their effectiveness of meeting the foundation's mission and goals. The scope of each program may be adjusted from time to time to maximize the overall benefits to young women and their families.

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You can also Mail to:
   P.O. Box 1679
   Cypress Texas 77410

The Lung Cancer Foundation For Young Women "LCFFYW" is not a research foundation. 

LCFFYW does not provide cash grants to research labs. A lot of effort and a lot of money is needed to understand lung cancer, and to eventually find a cure. Although until lung cancer is recognized as the number one cancer killer in the US, and equitable federal and private funding is made available for research, the statistics will continue in a negative direction.

LCFFYW is not a lobbying foundation. We will leave that to the politicians and lobbyists without any further comment.

LCFFYW is not an insurance or Medicare payment foundation.  We do not distribute cash and we do not pay for treatment. Insurance and government agencies should be taking care of this aspect. 

LCFFYW is not a scholarship foundation. Although this foundation can not give enough praise and encouragement to these types of cancer foundations. If you can only imagine fighting for your life, expending every available resource of time and money for treatment, and also having a son or daughter that wants to go to college. If you cannot get behind the concept and goals of this foundation, look into one of these cancer scholarship foundations. Who knows, you may be helping one of tomorrow's scientist that will actually find the cure for cancer.

LCFFYW is a simple concept. Educate young women about lung cancer, and the early warning signs, in an attempt to foster early detection and facilitate a long and enjoyable life.  Once diagnosed, assist with the often overlooked aspects and daily cost faced by young women diagnosed with lung cancer.

Imagine feeling sick, feeling exhausted, in pain every day physically & emotionally, and still trying to go to school or to work. Imagine her trying to take care of and enjoy her family, her husband or boyfriend, or just going out with her friends while constantly thinking about fighting for her life. Imagine her thinking about the treatment options, success rates, and then add the mounting cost of treatment which does not include all of the every day logistical costs.