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About Lung Cancer Foundation for Young Women



The Lung Cancer Foundation for Young Women was inspired by a young woman's fight with lung cancer, and a dream to help others with this disease. The dream started in 2011 in order to provide information, support, and assistance to the alarming number of young women diagnosed with lung cancer annually.
Through this foundation, that dream continues until a cure for lung cancer is found, so all young women can lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Imagine a young woman full of energy and dreams, just starting to experience the joys of life, graduating from high school or college, just starting her career, recently married, just starting a family, excited about what the future holds and is informed that she has been diagnosed with lung cancer. 

The foundation's goals are aimed to increase lung cancer awareness education, foster early detection in young women and to provide positive support for these women during their fight for life by offering information and assistance throughout the difficult treatment on their way to remission.

For more information about Lung Cancer click      for the  National Cancer Institute.

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