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Fishing for Answers


                                   Immediately after receiving the diagnoses you ask yourself -    

    Why?    How?    What did I do wrong?    This isn't right!    This isn't fair!    What was the cause?   

                                                    In most cases there is not an answer.

In very basic terms, cancer is cells within the body that mutate. When the medical industry finally finds out why this happens, they may be able to develop a process for early detection and a final cure.  

What are some of the assumed triggers? Smoking is the number one expected cause, followed by second hand smoke. Exposure to other carcinogens and chemicals that are becoming even more prevalent in the air we breathe and the water we all drink. Genetics and family history play a role. Diet has some possible role, along with the list of possible causes is growing every year. (See Useful information on Cancer Fighting Foods)  

Bottom line is, medical research still does not truly understand why our cells mutate, how to detect it in the early stages, and how to stop it effectively. Oncologists do have years of history of what does work for each patient's type of cancer and cellular composition, in addition, ongoing research is designing new drugs and treatments every year.  

Early Detection is key. Understand the warning signs yourself and Do NOT expect your doctor to diagnose this disease the first time.

Symptoms can be fatigue, reoccurring cough or coughing up blood, constant chest pain, the gradual onset of shortness of breath, and/or chest, shoulder or back pain with numbness in some fingers. Weight loss with no known cause may be the first sign that something is wrong. The early warning signs may be very subtle and your primary doctor must be aware of all of your symptoms.   

If you are a pateint, family member, or caregiver, become better informed about the latest treatments and studies so you can talk with your Doctor about options.