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What You need to know about Lung Cancer



  What Should You Expect From the Treatment Center you choose ?


Of any one of the top five cancer centers in the US, you should receive and expect an atmosphere of a caring clinical Partnership in every aspect of your treatment plan.

Your Oncologist is your primary contact and should be the common point for all inquiries, information and the single link to all other medical professionals. Your oncologist should always be your advocate enlisting all other specialists as needed. You should expect and they should provide you a primary point of information.

You will be meeting with and having consultations with other medical professionals, but keep in mind, your oncologist is primary. Expect your primary care physician to be informed of your progress throughout all treatment plans and phases.

It is your responsibility and you should expect to build a genuine trust with all of your care physicians, but especially your primary care oncologist. If you don’t have confidence in this individual, don’t feel bad; just ask for a new one.

You should understand the reasonable limits that every large medical facility has to deals with.     

Appointment scheduling

This is a very difficult aspect on both sides. There are so many individuals receiving cancer treatment today that concurrent test and treatment scheduling is very difficult. With that said, you should not expect to wait for hours between appointments every time you visit the cancer center.
It is OK, to ask for appointments to be rescheduled from time to time. You know how you are feeling and it is just as important to manage you mental and physical health as it is to make your appointments. With that said, it is also important to be on time, so you are not adding to the scheduling problem of other patients.

Research the Cancer Center of your choice – other aspects Not just the medical statistic and services offered, but don’t forget to research / ask about other facilities and amenities they offer.
For instance, they may have patient rest and relaxation rooms. Quiet places where you can go and read, away from the daily rush, or even laydown and nap. They may have a patient only lounge or observation areas out of the daily rush. These types of services are normally available at no additional cost and are wonderful when you have time between appointments.

In some cases, you may be able to check in early for a scheduled appointment, give the desk you cell phone number and go to one of these types of rooms and take a short nap.