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Lung Cancer and Your Immune System




Talk with your Oncologist about supplements that are available.

Do Not start a regiment of over the counter supplements without first discussing with your Doctor

Fighting Lung Cancer is your fight for life. This foundation is about you having access to all information, so you can make the best decisions on how to beat Cancer.

Cancer and Your Immune System 
Throughout your life, your immune system successfully fights and destroys Abnormal cells as they developed. That's its job.
Although, medical supported research has proven that in the early stages of Cancer surface markers in Cancerous cells are identical to normal cells.

Boosting your Immune system isn't an actual treatment for Cancer although, it is extremely important as your body fights Cancer.

(see; Education, Cancer Fighting Foods tab)

Natural Supplements
There is a lot of information on the WEB about Cancer success by adding Natural Supplements to Traditional Treatment plans. There is also a lot of Medically Supported information that disagrees with these Natural Supplement claims, their effectiveness and even raises serious concerns that these supplements can have a negative effect on treatment.

Claims that Supplements containing enhanced or concentrated "Antioxidants" protect your body during chemotherapy and radiation". 

   Claims that some nutritional supplements can be helpful during your treatments because they can attack cancer in ways that chemotherapy and radiation can't. 

   Claims that these supplements are natural, safe to take and have no harmful side effects, though most of these claims have not been proven through stringent long term medical research.

Again, Always consult with you Oncologist before starting any over the counter or whole food supplements.

The Correct Vitamins (A Claim Or a Fact?)
The Claim: Synthetic vitamins may not be good for you. Most of the multi-vitamins and many of the individual vitamins on the market are made with synthetic vitamins. There are a few multi-vitamins that do not contain synthetic vitamins, like natural supplements, but they are expensive.

One thing to consider when researching these supplements is cost. Some of these products are expensive, very expensive, when you consider that most have not been proven to increase the Cancer survival odds by the Medical Community through reasearch. 

Fighting Lung Cancer Naturally
If you decide to or not to supplement your cancer treatment is a personal decision. Before taking anything that has not been prescribed, consult your Oncologist. 

Some supplements might negatively interact with chemotherapy treatments. Talk with your Doctor FIRST