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Can low-dose CT Scans foster Early Detection

Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in women, estimated to kill more women than breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and cervical cancer COMBINED.

In a May 2013 publication in the New England Journal of Medicine "Results of Initial Low-Dose Computed Tomographic Screening for Lung Cancer" outlines a study of over 52,000 participants for Lung Cancer. Approximately half by Low-Dose CT the other half by traditional X-Ray.

    Several benefits to CT Scans are discussed in this study;

Of the total group participating in this study, 18%, over 9,500 detected lung anomalies that warranted additional testing.
After further testing, 95% were later defined as none cancerous abnormalities.

As the study looked at the data further, it suggest that Lung anomaly detection through the use of Low-Dose CT scanning is much more efficient.

CT scans detected 93% whereas X-Rays detected 73%.
  • CT scans missed 6% whereas X-Ray missed 26%.

After followup and additional testing across both groups,
482 of the all participants were later confirmed with a stage of Lung Cancer.

A significant element of this study was the increased effectiveness of Stage-I Lung Cancer Detection through the use of Low-Dose CT scanning.

At the conclusion of this study, 190 of the over 480 lung Cancer diagnosis were detected at Stage I by CT Scanning only. These individuals would have continued fighting an unknown illness until Lung cancer was detected at a later stage.

Other information available on the WEB discounts the accuracy of CT scanning for Lung Cancer.
Each individual must take control of their medical needs and decide if testing for lung cancer is warranted.

It is a statistical fact that Early Detection significantly increases the survival rate of all Lung Cancer patients.  (see About Us / Fishing For Answers tab)

If you are experiencing recurring symptoms and concerned about Lung Cancer, discuss the health benefits of Low-Dose CT scans over X-Rays with your doctor.

              52,000 Participants

                              7,100 CT Scans

                                  2,400 X-Ray

  480 Confirmed Lung Cancer Diagnosis
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